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I still haven't found anyone to trade with - well, I know of someone who has my section and wants section 9, but I haven't found anyone who has 9 and wants 5. BOOOOOO. This sucks so hard. Mike keeps telling me to think of it as an opportunity to work with new people, but I don't WANT to work with new people. Not yet anyway. :( I'm going to be whining about this for a while. Ken was saying that he'd poison the class asshole so I could take his space, lol. Cynthia says she'll bully someone into letting me have their spot. And Doug just keeps looking at me sympathetically and telling me he's crossing his fingers. I laughed and told him to push David out the window; that would be more helpful.

We had our last clinical day today; we weren't in the hospital, but it still counted as clinicals. Our instructor split us up so that no one who hangs out regularly was together but we ended up gravitating to one another anyway.

Tomorrow Bren has surgery and my grandmother is having a colonoscopy to verify if she has cancer. I really hope everything goes ok.


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Apr. 27th, 2011 01:48 am (UTC)
Our types and levels of stress are very different at this point, but I'm hurting for ya and sending you as many hugs as I can from this far away. I wish I could have a hug from you too.
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