May 6th, 2021

Rimmer aretha hat

Things I want to do but I gotta be responsible first

I'm dying to go to Disney. We all have the summer off from school together for the last time — Katelyn will be working soon and could take days off but it will be different — and it would be such a chance to relax and let off some steam after this horrible 15 months. I need to pay off debt and build savings first. 

I would want to get the best value and buy 4 day tickets which would cost us $250 each and then if we stayed for the 4 days it would be at least $800 in hotel costs and then food, gas, and parking. We could do it in 2 2-day chunks and stay one night each but that's still a lot. And it's going to be fucking hot. Better to wait until late fall or the winter.

I also want to spend a lot of money on bullshit I don't need. Again, I can't. I'm going to need that money for other stuff.